Athletes are competitive.  They enter and play their sports to win.  Sometimes that competitive nature causes people to have adverse reactions to losing.  Losing causes some people to cry; some to get angry; and some to quit.  Losing even causes some to accuse the winners of cheating.  We call those people sore losers.  In women’s sports, sore losers occasionally hurl their accusations of cheating along with questions about the winner’s gender and sexuality.  You’ve heard it before, “There’s no way she’s naturally that good; I mean look at her, she even looks like a man, she must be on steroids.” We’ve seen Serena subjected to unwarranted commentary about steroids and her sexuality because of her dominance. And remember Caster Semenya? She was kicking butt in the 800m when the sore losers accused her of cheating and not being a female.  She was subjected to public and medical scrutiny and had her career ruined all to prove that she was 100% a female and had not cheated in any competition.

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