Harrison Barnes is a household name but now, he has to make sure that the household continues to remember his name. Barnes spoke to BSO about his role with the Mavericks as well as how he is adjusting with a team that isn’t having their best season.

If you’re expecting this to be another “Harrison Barnes reflects on life after the Warriors,” you’re wrong. It’s been a few months since he parted ways with the team and he’s now taking on the challenge of playing in Dallas. It’s time to look at the bigger picture and see how he can make a name for himself, as well as bring a championship back to Dallas. With Dirk on the brink of announcing his retirement at any minute now, Barnes is trying to absorb everything he can learn from Dirk. He is stepping up to the plate and to see him take on this challenge is terrific. He is no longer in anyone’s shadow per se.

Barnes spoke to us about life in Dallas, playing with Dirk, and a few products that have helped his performance such as McDavid Hex protective arm and leg sleeves and Shock Doctor’s Basketball mouthguard. Those two products have continued to help him on the court and have been there to protect him the most.

We spoke to him about learning from Dirk and what role he expects to gain in Dallas.

Since we see Knicks Kristaps Porzingis learning a thing or two from Dirk, what have you learned from him so far?

I’ve learned how to approach the game every single day, how to be aggressive. Push yourself to get better. How to get your shots.

Do you see yourself emerging in a leadership role in Dallas? Or rather, what role do you envision yourself for while in Dallas?

Yeah, right now, it’s one thing to do a lot of talking. Our record speaks a lot more than what I’m saying. I’m just trying to go out there every single night. Have the engird and help my team. Communicate. Defensively, just stay in the game.

The Mavericks are currently 7-20 as the end of December is about to roll around. We look forward to seeing Barnes flourish and this team rise up where they were once before.