How true is that? The same wind blows on us all, but it’s not the wind that matters the most it’s the set of our sail. It’s our mindset and how we handle things in life (good or bad). If you have an untrained mind you will have an unproductive life. There are peaks and valleys that we face daily. You will have to brave the same turbulent waters that other highly successful people had to wade through.

“If you have an untrained mind you will have an unproductive life”

What makes you so darn special?

Your athletic mindset is going to determine how well you transition from college. You are a champion. So, you must think and believe like a champion. It’s time for you to start envisioning a better life for yourself. Let’s look at a couple of truths about mindset.

How one deals with disappointment is crucial.

The first one may seem self-explanatory, however, when you have a setback your greatest asset is your mindset. You have the power to lift yourself out of that dark place and push through. It’s not going to be easy, but with practice and repetition, you will train your mind to think like a champion.

Society is filled with examples of people who have made many mistakes and have come out on the other side victorious. We continue to burden ourselves by carrying the weight of our fear of possibly making mistakes. We view mistakes as negatives instead of how they should be viewed, as learning experiences. I’m not suggesting that we should be out there all willy-nilly, what I am suggesting is that you be…

Open to the process.

Remain patient.

Remain vigilant in pursuit of your goals; mistakes will happen.

Being able to deal with mistakes and bouncing back with an optimistic attitude is the key to championing a career transition.

Long-term sustainable growth comes from mastering your mindset, not from changing your environment. We are creatures of habit, and when faced with challenging decisions, we often resort to habit. If your mind is programmed to give up when the going gets tough, most likely you are going to adhere to the challenges of your life, however, if you have developed the character to treat difficulty as an “opportunity to learn,” things will always work in your favor. It may not always look like it, but trust me it will.

“Being able to deal with mistakes and bounce back with an optimistic attitude is key”

What can you do to strengthen your mindset? Here are a couple steps you can start practicing now.

Embrace mistakes for what they are—life lessons.
No major invention or discovery derived from someone being perfect and absent of mistakes. Understand mistakes will happen and you can learn a lot from them, but, you need to be open to learning.
Visualize your success. What does success look like for you? Not for someone else, but for the authentic you, the you that lives to be happy and purposefully lead. When you have an honest look at what success truly means to you it will assist you in gaining clarity and focus. You may not be crystal clear, but you will be on the right track. The main objectives here are to stay in your own lane and to stop comparing yourself to others. Stay focused on your vision. See it. Believe it. Live it.
Be patient. You don’t become great at anything overnight. There is a process at every level that prepares you for the next level. Trust the process, exercise delayed gratification, and always be preparing for your opportunity to stand out. You didn’t come all this way only to lose sight of who you are. You must exercise patience while you move through each stage. Breathe, relax, meditate, believe and trust.
“Your mind is your greatest asset. Strengthen it and let it be your ally.”

Tell me a time when your mind got the best of you or a time when you pressed on even in the height of disappointment. Share this post with your comment